Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Dear Followers,

I am so sorry for not updating this blog for years. Seriously, it was pure foolishness as i was thinking that this blog has been a bad luck to me (Not that your support wasn't appreciated). Just that I kinda felt that yes i'm sharing so much thoughts & quotes but the fact is my love life hasn't been smooth at that time which i was thinking that this might actually be the reason why. Yes, i know you probably am cursing & swearing at my foolishness now but the fact is I HAVE BEEN HURT ENOUGH at that time to do anything to stop that from happening over & over again.


I have now found my one true love(i mean, at least i felt so). Nope, we aren't married yet but i guess he has taught me that a relationship needs 2 to clap. Both parties have to work hard & put in effort together with the love between you two & that is the most important thing.

Now, not that i'm no longer worried about the "bad luck" thingy. Probably, i just thought maybe i finally understand what's meant to be yours will be yours..

Sincerely sorry,
Love collector


  1. (: I'm just glad you're back! I found this blog while you were gone and i've absolutely fallen in love with it! I'm sorry you've been hurt so much, but i'm glad you've found someone! Good luck, stay strong, and thank you for the amazing blog!

    1. Hi there, thank you so much for the support! Yes, my love life has been kinda bad before I met my boyfriend. Never really knew the actual meaning of pure happiness until he enter my life. Like giving it out & not expecting much return but still smile at the end of the day because he is happy. Thank you, i'm holding strong for now! Hope that you have found someone good too. (:

  2. Hey babe, very happy that you have found your true love. I've been through similar encounters like you've been to. Always putting myself ahead of my loved one and get taken granted for... got hurt again & again. After so long, i'm at a crossroad again. I've been too much living in denial.. always hoping for a miracle. Hope one day i can know u personally n share thots w u.. it sux to bottle up everything in myself.. going crazy!! Been dropping by your blog every now n then.. and im glad to see you back! I really hope to see your posts updated.. the Happy ones!!! Love, mystique

    1. Thank you for your support! I really wish my boyfriend is the right one for me (strong feeling but can't be sure of anything yet) (: I kinda think its a cycle until you really find that one person who is your another half. Once a wise friend once told me, don't ever feel sad (not for too long at least) when you end an relationship as its an indication that the person wasn't the right one for you & the right one is probably on the way. If you need someone to discuss about, drop me a comment, I'll try to reply asap.

  3. hey... you dont know how that blog meant for me and for my girl friend .. she introduced me to this blog 3 years ago .. we broke up at 1-1-2013 and i saw her with someone else at 5-1-2013 :(

    but i'm happy that you are back and that gave me hope for better tomorrow .. i always send her posts from here .. and when u stopped we forget about this blog and we even forget about to send each other a beautiful things, i tried .. but she's cold .. she loved me but she couldn't show it or i'm the one who is blind , and as u said it needs two hands to clap, so i was clapping alone . or maybe she clapped two but i didnt see that .. until i stopped clapping .. until we both forget our feelings .and about the other guy i dont know about him and i feel cheated
    anyway now i'm happy that u r back :)

    1. Hey there, I'm sorry to hear that. I'm also sorry to stop blogging for such a long period when sharing posts that I posted on this blog has been one of the topics between you & your girl. );

      Getting into a relationship is easy, maintaining it is hard but getting out of it is ever harder. Love is kinda weird in its own way. Everyone has their own way of loving. My boyfriend is sometimes cold to me as well, at times i wonder if he really loves me. He's like HOT & COLD. He doesnt say "iloveyou" to me much which makes me start to let my thoughts wander far off. You have to use your heart to feel instead of seeing it. Actions speaks louder than words yes but not everyone is good with their actions nor words.

      Think it in a positive way! Maybe she wasn't the right one for you.

      *Pats on the back

  4. So Glad you are back! I absolutely love your blog. Seriously cannot get enough of it. Pleased to hear you are happy, and have found someone who makes you feel special.

    Thanks for your beautiful posts - so glad you are back!