Thursday, November 19, 2009

and lately she would do anything just to make him turn his head ;; anything to make him laugh.. anything to make him just LOOK at her.
so there's this boy.. & he makes my heart go a trillion miles per minute, & he's just great.. except for when he's a jerk. & the catch is.. i can't have him.
A friend will know by the sound of your voice, by the look on your face, by the way you walk, by the things you do, exactly what kind of day you're having
don't you hate the feeling when your throat hurts from all the tears you're holding back && you can't control the words coming out of your mouth because there are just too many things you haven't said?
she sat there, watching him with his bright eyes shining & his smile bright. she couldn't get him out of her mind. & all she wanted was to be with him. she smiled, pretending to be happy. but inside..her heart was breaking
i don't know how you do it. you lead me on, lie to me tell me "how wonderful i am" pretend to fall in love with me and still manage to look at yourself in the mirror every morning
someday im gonna leave it all behind &&. start a brand new page to my life cause this page is filled with lies &&. screw ups as if ;; most of my life was a mistake or ..maybe i was the mistake.
i drop a tear in the ocean, when you find it, i'll stop loving you.
a best friend understands you even when you can't put your thoughts into words
Theres a point in life when you get tired of ..chasing everyone; && trying to fix everything but its not giving up ..its realizing that you don`t need certain people && all of the bullshit that they bring
hold me forever, i belong in your arms
i lied to him; straight to his face. i couldn't bare to tell him that he is the only thing i need and that i LOVE HiM with all of my heart.
knowing someones wrong for you, doesnt change the way you feel.
What am i supossed to do. I'm falling for this boy & he has no clue
every morning i try & convince myself that i don't love you // but by the end of the day, i give up, because i know that i STiLL DO.
you could piss me off & break my heart into pieces. but i'd still love you, no matter how hard i'd try not to

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